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Fishing Safaris


Fishing Safaris within Namibia are available to anglers throughout the year. Contact us for a 7-Day Fishing Safari as proposed here. Safaris can be tailor-made for each client group and are quoted on request. Should you be interested in a tailor-made Fishing Safari contact us.




The Skeleton Coast shoreline offers an array of different shark and non-shark species. The big Silver Cob and Westcoast Steenbras are popular targets among the edible fish species and the majestic Bronze Whaler Shark can be quite a challenge to reel in.




Namibia has a moderate climate.

During our spring months, starting September, temperatures increase slightly. September – November we expect to have wind, but pleasant temperatures (approx. 15°C – 25°C).

December – March we generally expect to have moderately warm weather (approx.18°C – 30°C).

April – May temperatures drop slightly (approx. 15°C – 25°C).

June – August are our winter months. We experience moderate winter temperatures which rarely drop below 5°C.