Aquanaut Tours – Beach Drives

Beach Drive


Observe as our guide unfolds a delicate ecosystem of unique intertidal and beach creatures that live on the beach and in the rock-pools. In and around the rock-pools you will find molluscs, anemones, seaweeds and crustaceans. Interacting and co-existing in the intertidal area of our Namibian coast we have plentiful bird life and a co-dependency is evident. Furthermore some remnants of shipwrecks Kolmanskop and Patrysberg will be pointed out to you. The Beach Drive is at its best on low tide, suggested times for beach drive here: Beach Drive Times – February & March 2018

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Untouched Natural Resources


Namibia boasts one of few untouched natural beaches in the world. Locals still have the privilege of being able to harvest various items from its shore, such as black mussel, white mussel and crayfish. Though it takes certain know-how to be able to do this, it presents a 100% natural recreational activity for those that live here. We have realized how lucky we are with the abundance of our natural resources and thus want to share it with those that come to visit us in Swakopmund.